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Busia to embrace use of Improved Cooking stoves

Busia County Government  will embrace  the use of  Improved Cooking Stoves  to save lives especially among the rural folks who still use  traditional fuel  for cooking.
The Department of Public Works, Roads and Energy  will partner with the  German GIZ Energizing development  partners  to realize this  dream.
  County Executive Committee Member   in the Department  Bernard Yaite said the improved cooking stoves are designed to  draw off the smoke  and toxins, thus creating a safe environment  for women and children.
“The  Improved cooking stove which is part of the project will help save energy by use of a few  pieces fire wood. ” Two to three  pieces of firewood can be used in the improved stoves compared to the amount used in the three stone fire, “he said.
As much as kerosene is expensive the rural residents find it expensive to buy the  solar laps or install the stoves.

“The residents should look on the long term expenditure and realize the modern energy is less costly,” Yaite said .
The program trains technicians on technical and entrepreneurial skill which in turn creates  job opportunities for them.

These technicians are available across the county in villages and it makes the installation process easier .
“Knowledge is power. Busia residents will benefit from the project since firewood is  depleting,” Yaite added.
The GIZ  EnDev  cluster manager  Everline Minikhu said  the  program targets rural livelihood  to provide clean modern energy

“The energy from solar is clean and will not cause any side effects unlike the Kerosene which is commonly used. The stoves conserves heat . The two types  Jiko kisasa and Roket stoves  saves fuel up to 40%and 50% respectively,” she said.

She added that the stoves and solar energy is not only used in homes but can also be adopted in institutions and hotels.
“Kolanya Girls’ National  School have adopted the program . They  now have an installed rocket stove which consumes less energy, “Minikhu said.

Photos:  Busia CEC for Public Works, Roads and Energy Bernard Yaite
- Improved  Cooking stoves

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