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Busia RDC wants Ugandans occupying Kenya’s no man’s land moved

The outgoing Busia Uganda Regional  District Commissioner  Kennedy Otiti  wants  the Ugandan  nationals occupying  Kenya’s  no man’s land  moved out unconditionally.
The RDC who has been transferred to Kweng in Northern Uganda   told  the oversight committee on EAC affairs that was on a tour of the border town  that  Ugandans had  defied the evacuation order  to illegally occupy the  35m security and  35m no man’s land in Uganda and Kenya’s no man’s land.
Otiti clashed with  Busia  Uganda Municipality MP  Geoffrey  Macho who  claimed that Uganda Government wanted to evict 600 families from the  no-man’s land without compensating them.
” It is unfortunate   that Ugandans have created  markets in Kenya’s no-man’s land where they have put structures. They use  the same for  human trafficking  and illegal cross border trade.
Kenya ns moved out of the  security buffer zone and no man’s land after  the affected families were paid. Ugandans  were  paid  but politicians  are still inciting them to continue occupying the two zones,” he said.
During the tour of  the One Stop Border Post  in Uganda ahead of  Friday’s visit to Busia and Malaba border posts , the   MPs were told by Ugandan and Kenyan Immigration officers  at the OSBP that  human traffickers are forging   entry stamps to secure passage of illegal immigrants along the porous borders.
The MPs  fell short  of   disbanding the  Uganda  Bureau of  Standards   for  allowing contraband goods into the country. In defense, the officers  said  goods that gains entry into Uganda were through porous borders.
The leaders   said  the OSBP   had rendered clearing agents jobless  and  appealed to EAC  member states to amend the EAC treaty  to  allow  minimum clearance of goods at the routes.
Macho thanked the Kenyan government for allowing Ugandans   to receive  yellow fever vaccination since  they  don’t have those facilities  in Busia Malaba.
He said the future of EA integration  political process looks bleak  because of  ideological differences. ”  You cannot go to Kenya  and own a shop or  buy land  but Kenyans  invest in Uganda freely.”
He said  school drop outs in Busia Uganda   is 60 per cent  because of cross border trade  and smuggling.  ” HIV prevalence   is the worst in the country because of   truck drivers.
Photos:   Parliamentary committee   on EAC taken around the One Stop Border Post in Busia Uganda on Thursday.

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