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Health and Sanitation


A healthy, productive, and internationally competitive County

To build a progressive, sustainable, technologically-driven, evidence-based, and client-centered health system with the highest attainable standards of health at all levels of care in Busia County

Department of health and sanitation will manage its budget through three programmes as General administration and support services, Curative health services and Preventive and health promotion services. These have also been Sub programmed to four with a view of fair financial distribution and function, while encouraging balanced service delivery. The sub programmes, Referral services, Referral (Hospital) services, Public health systems and Primary health care are upon which the 2015/2016 budget is planned

Health sector is among the drivers of socio-economic change requiring huge capital outlays given its high intensive labor capacity. In 2014/2015 FY, the department was allocated a total of Ksh.1,707,203,950 expended through its programmes; General administration and support services at Ksh.969,487,155, Curative health services Ksh.153,326,491 and Preventive and health promotion Ksh.584,390,304, standing at 25% of the county revenue share. The allocation (development-Ksh.737, 716795 76% D/R) was heavily focused on initiating access to quality health care as per the constitutional mandate. This also reflected well given the high development index threshold beyond the 30% national status.
This expenditure also saw the upgrading of Busia hospital to County referral status, establishment, and construction of KMTC block, Upgrading of 5 dispensaries to health center status (31%) increase to 21 from 16. Improved in-patient care is also realized through construction and equipping of medical wards and theatre services. Equipping and operationalization of 18 Dispensaries County wide as a huge ACCESS success coupled with additional employment of 93 medical personnel during the year under review.
In addition, acquisition of seven (7) ambulances in the county at a cost of 56 Million will go a long way to secure stable referral service.
However, the department experienced myriad of challenges due to delayed disbursement of funds for capital activities, lengthy procurement procedures, and delay of partner contractors. This will be addressed through early preparations and enforcement of procurement plans.
In the current FY 2015/2016 the department has been allocated Ksh 1,444,596,261 representing a 26% of total county revenue. This has been distributed as follows: Ksh. 939,867,381 for Compensation of Employees and operation and maintenance while Ksh. 505,728,930 will go to development to complete the capital activities. Essential medical supplies have been allocated an annual vote of Ksh. 350,000,000. This will enable the department address the perennial shortage of drugs.
Similarly, a county warehouse for drugs is under construction at Matayos H/C, which will provide restructuring of drug distribution on demand basis.
In the Medium Term the department will focus on increasing access to quality service delivery through operationalising the remaining 17 completed CDF health farcicalities and rationalizing & recruitment of more staff to meet the demand. Access to improved sanitation will be prioritized through sanitation marketing strategy to provide access to improved sanitation in a bid to actualize sanitation rights in the constitution. The department will strive to sustain the provision of essential medical supplies to all health facilities and acquisition of necessary diagnostic and treatment support equipment.
To undertake these programmes, the 2015/16- 2017/18 MTEF estimates for the sector are estimated to be Ksh. 4,554,089,713. For the FY 2015/16, Ksh. 1,444,596,261 has been set aside for the sector. This is projected to increase to Ksh. 1,516,826,074 and Kshs. 1,592,667,378 respectively, for the FY 2016/17 and FY 2017/18.

• To provide effective and efficient logistical support to improve on health service delivery
• To provide highest attainable standard of quality, accessible and affordable medical care service
• To provide highest attainable standard of quality, accessible and affordable preventive, health promotion and rehabilitative care service

- The former Busia District Hosptial is being integrated to a Referral Hospital with Kenya Medical Training College on Site, a fully equipped ICU and an Accident and Emergency Department.
- 7 standard ambulances, one for every sub county have been procured.
- Alongside this, 4 health centes are being upgraded to sub-county hospitals: Khuyangu, Sio Port, Nambale, Matayos.
- Drugs worth Ksh.30million have been purchased and distributed to various health centres.

- Development of a modern diagnosis center
- Setting up of an affordable state-of-the-art private hospital to supplement the overwhelmed capacity of the public hospitals
- Development of a medical training center with a budget worth 500M
- Provision and maintenance of modern medical equipments in the existing medical facilities in the County


County Executive Committee Member:

Hon. Dr. Maurice Siminyu

Official Email: hon.siminyu@busiacounty.go.ke

County Chief  Officer:

Everlyne Ekisa

Official Email: everlyne.ekisa @busiacounty.go.ke

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