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Investment opportunities

The largely untapped investment potential in Busia assures all investors maximum returns to their investment.
The investment opportunities are in line with the County Integrated Development Plan 2013-2017 and second Medium plans of Vision 2030, which aims at ;

  • Combating youth unemployment,
  • Improving education and health facilities.
  • Diversify the county economy,
  • Improving basic infrastructure i.e roads, drainage system,Energy utilities and communication networks


The County Government is looking for investors
-To equip the existing medical facilities in the county with state-of-the-art medical equipment's.
-To Invest In private Hospitals and health facilities to ease Congestion on public facilities
-To set up medical research institutions to help train more medical personnel.

Busia County beaches produce about 100 tons of fish per day, offering interested companies potential and opportunities to tap this rich fish yeilds in Marenga Beach, Budalangi Sub County. hence need to set up cooling plants in the neighborhood beaches including Bumbe , Bumbe, Sisenye, Mabinju, Namabusi beaches among others.

The beaches in Budalangi and Funyula sub counties such as Malenga beach holds lots of potential: Investment in hotels, recreation centers, sports tourism such as boat racing etc. In addition the Kakapel Museum in Teso North sub county holds a lot of tourism potential in terms of investment of hotels with conference and accommodation facilities in the area. Other tourist attractions in the county include rocks and mountains that define the scenery of Busia County.

The county needs investors for construction of state-of-art stadium/talent academies. There is also potential investment in supply of materials and expertise to facilitate the building, completion and renovation of existing cultural centers in Busia County. The county government is also keen on construction of at least one community library in each of the seven sub counties. There is no recreational park or protected center for children and water sports facilities. There is also need for rehabilitation centers in the area. Investors can also explore the possibility of developing a social hall with modern facilities since there is none in Busia County.

The annual production capacity of rice in Bunyala area is about 1 million tones annually.There is huge potential for setting up a complete rice milling and processing company in Bunyala, Budalangi to replace rudimentary methods of processing.

The county is need of investors who have expertise on ICT matters. These investors can partner with the county government to develop ICT infrastructure and communication through out the county.

Investment opportunities
- Supply of decent and resilient public road transport vehicles.
- Operation of reliable and efficient public road transport system.
- Development of modern bus parks and termini
- Development of public service vehicle inspection, maintenance and service centres
-Establishment of modern international airport in Busia County
-Managing of the air transport and attendant air transport and related services.

Investment opportunities
-Supply of roads construction equipment for hire and sale.
-Manufacture and supply precast concrete road products (kerbs, pipe culverts, invert drains, channels and masonry blocks.
– Manufacture and supply of low cost soil stabilizers
– Development and deployment of new innovative technologies to prolong the life span of existing roads.
– Periodic maintenance of existing roads through the annuity concession approach
– Supply of roads construction equipment for hire lease and sale.

Investment opportunities
– Establishment of material testing laboratories
– Manufacture and supply of building materials ( graded ballast, ceramic tiles, prefabricated slabs, face bricks).
– Manufacture and supply of prefabricated building panels.
– Development and deployment of appropriate innovative design technology and materials for green building and greening infrastructure.

Investment opportunities
– Establishment of renewable energy facilities (solar, wind,mini-hydro and waste-to-energy)
– Development and deployment renewable/green energy technologies.
– Manufacture and supply of solar and wind energy products and accessories.
– Alternative credit financing for rural electrification
– Enhancement of rural electrification through partnership approaches and using the annuity concession model.

There is potential for cement manufacturing in Malaba area. The neighboring district of Uganda manufactures cement using raw materials from their skills that have spread over to Malaba area, Kenya. Tororo Cement is one of biggest manufacturers of cement in Uganda.

Investment Opportunities Include:
- Urban water supply
- Sewerage and Sanitation development
- Solar Energy Harnessing
- Timber (Bamboo) and non-timber forest products and carbon trading
- Waste recycling - Sand and ballast mining for construction industry.

Busia has sited potential for gravitational irrigation scheme using River Nzoia to reclaim Yala Swamp.


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