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Lands, Housing and Urban Development


Excellence in Land Management and Provision of Excellent, Affordable and Quality Housing for sustainable development


To facilitate improvement of livelihoods of Kenyans through efficient administration, equitable access, secure tenure, sustainable management of land resource and access to adequate housing

The mandate of the Sector is to provide services on Lands, Housing and Urban Development in the County.
The department will ensure access to quality and affordable housing through adoption of appropriate building technologies and engagement of the private sector in housing development through PPPs.
In addition to the above function, the department oversees the management and coordination of the activities of Urban Areas and Towns. This also entails providing a link between respective Urban Management Committees and CEC, responsibility for policy formulation and facilitation of development and approval of development plans; and facilitation of collaboration with development partners.
During the financial year the sector was allocated Kshs. 245,844,126, 18,898,180 and 18,707,648 for development, operations & maintenance and Compensation to employees respectively. Through the development allocation the department completed street lighting in Busia and Malaba (Phase I) which has enhanced security within the two towns. Anticipation was that more funds could be allocated to proceed with the second phase of the street lighting project. The 1st phase of Survey of Government land targeted markets where 50 markets were beaconed although 15 of them had disputes. This was towards securing title deeds for the market places which were under threat of human encroachment. Land for Bukhalalire market was purchased. The process to construct the governor’s residence, County headquarters, ABT centre, and fencing of government compounds is underway. Trainings under Appropriate Building Technology have been conducted in Teso North and Bunyala sub counties.
The County Land Management Board has been constituted and is now in operation. The department has also hired two town managers. The town management committees are currently being constituted. It is expected that the two bodies will improve service provision as envisaged in the constitution.
Development plans for Malaba and Port Victoria were completed. The County Spatial Plan is in the process of being developed.
In the year 2015/2016 the department intends to among others complete the Valuation roll to improve county revenue pool. The County spatial Plan will also be completed to guide spatial development. Purchase of land for investment i.e. Land banking will be enhanced. Both the County Housing Policy and County Land Policy will be formulated to guide the two sectors.
To undertake these programmes, the 2015/16- 2017/18 MTEF estimates for the sector are estimated to be Ksh. 551,554,840. For the FY 2015/16, Ksh. 174,957,919 has been set aside for the sector. This is projected to increase to Ksh. 183,705,815 and Kshs. 192,891,106 respectively, for the FY 2016/17 and FY 2017/18.

General Administration and support services
-To provide an effective and efficient logistical support system to improve service delivery
Land Administration and planning
-To provide a conducive spatial environment that controls development for efficient use of land and the landed resources
Land surveying and mapping
-To provide an avenue of ensuring security of tenure through physical identification and securing interests in land
Housing development and management
-To provide adequate and quality accommodation in both residential and office/commercial space
County Urban management and Development
-To manage the urban centres so as to sustain the urban population

- The county government has commenced a process of securing titles for the various parcels of government land.
- The process of registering private land is also ongoing. Security of tenure over land will motivate community members to use their land. Titles will also enable them to use their land as security to acess financial services from the government as well as other financiers

- Supply of construction materials for the development of 2000 housing units in the seven sub-counties
- Construction of low cost staff residential houses through partnership, considering the high number of County government staff
- Provision of simple and cheap technology for upgrading of slum houses in Busia County
- Construction of adequate commercial offices in Busia and Malaba towns
- Development of parking yards for trailers and trucks (away from town)
- Partnership in development of solar energy street lighting for all the seven sub-counties including the opportunity of venturing in outdoor advertisement
- Opportunities for agency and property management services owing to the growing number in residential and commercial buildings
- Construction of an agricultural show ground

County Executive Committee Member:



Official Email: grephas.opata@busiacounty.go.ke

County Chief  Officer:

 Mr. Joe Maurice Ouma Odundo

E-Mail : jmodundoh@gmail.com

Official Email: mourice.odundo@busiacounty.go.ke


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