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Education and Vocational Training



A globally competitive, education, training, and innovation for sustainable development


To provide, promote and coordinate quality education and training, integration of science, technology, and innovation in sustainable socio economic development process.

The department comprises of two sections that is early childhood Education and Vocational Training and is mandated to increase accessibility to quality education, improve retention rate at all levels of learning and improving quality of learning in our institutions.
To promote the quality of early childhood education the department has embarked on construction of ECDE classrooms in all the primary schools across the County which is being implemented in phases. In the Financial year 2014/2015 the budgetary allocation focused on completion of projects initiated in the Financial year 2013/2014.During the first phase, construction of 105 classroom were initiated with 102 complete and ready for use. Additional 105 are to be constructed under phase two in the Financial Year 2014/15. The classrooms will ease pressure on the already overstretched learning facilities in the primary schools.
To improve on enrollment and retention rate, the department is disbursing bursary to needy students in Universities, youth polytechnics, Secondary schools, and middle levels colleges. Kshs. 55,000,000 has been set aside to assist needy students across county.
The department also aims at effectively coordinating and harmonizing training systems in youth polytechnics and Vocational centres that are capable of producing quality skilled human resource with the right attitude and values required for the growth and prosperity of the various sectors of the economy. The department intends to improve the infrastructure and quality of training by constructing, refurbishing and equipping of workshops in the Youth Polytechnics.
In the FY 2015/16 Ksh 255 Million has been set aside for the department for development.

• To facilitate the coordination of Education programmes within the department
• To improve quality of Early Childhood Education by providing safe learning environment and accessibility
• To increase access to quality Education and Training that is capable of providing Human Capital development and enhancing quality of life

- The ongoing construction of an ECD (Early Childhood Development) classroom in every ward.
- An education support program has been put in place to support needy students through loans and business. 50 million has been set aside for this purpose for the first financial year.

- Establishment of a teacher training institution
- Potential for a research and development institution to research on modern varieties of cassava, sugar cane, millet e.t.c. seeds to improve production and resistance to diseases
- Setting up of more private learning institutions and including universities to supplement the limited number of public primary and secondary schools in an effort to satiate the high demand occasioned by the rise in the middle class group

County Executive Committee Member:

CEC EDCE & VT John Mwami


Official Email: john.mwami@busiacounty.go.ke

County Chief  Officer:

CO ECDE Lydia Nabwire

Official Email: david.nyongesa@busiacounty.go.ke



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