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Public Works, Roads, Transport, Energy and Disaster Management


 Attain and sustain standard road network and public infrastructure for sustainable development


Provide an enabling and supportive environment for investments in the County

The department consists of Public Works, Transport, and Energy & Disaster management. The Sector aspires to be a provider of cost-effective public utility infrastructure facilities and services in the areas of roads, transport, and public infrastructure that meet national standards.
The strategies and measures being pursued in the medium term include; strengthening the institutional framework for infrastructure development, raising the efficiency and quality of infrastructure as well as increasing the pace of infrastructure projects so that they are completed as envisaged. Other measures include encouraging Private Sector participation in the provision of infrastructure services through the Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) framework.
Key achievements during the period include; improved infrastructure and in particular construction of bridges and box culverts across the entire county, opening up of new roads, murraming and gravelling as well as periodic road maintenance to increase accessibility to and from the markets, health and learning facilities. Within the financial year 2013/14 the department received 75 Million shillings to implement the construction of footbridges and box culverts. 80% of the projects are complete. The department also received 20 Million this FY 2014/15 for the same. Data collection exercise is already complete and all tender documents have been prepared and await advertisement for competitive bidding and award of the tenders.
On Disaster Management the department received 15 Million for the financial year 2014/15 where 3 Million has been committed to carry out program activities while 12 Million shall be utilized in establishing two disaster response centres at Busia County headquarters and Amagoro (Teso North Sub County). And on energy the department received 15 Million for the financial year 2014/15. The procurement process is ongoing
The county has a total road network of about 1,600 km out of which approximately 152 km are tarmacked. The remaining 1450 km of road network requires regular maintenance and upgrade especially of the drainage system, which causes much of the destruction. With regards to water transport, the County faces challenges of connecting Sisenye – Port Victoria – Osieko port towns.

Additionally Disaster management and mitigation measures remain largely underdeveloped. With the foregoing, the Department seeks to continue with opening up of the rural roads network, design and construction of more foot bridges and box culverts all aimed at enhancing the transport accessibility within the county.
The department further intends to purchase equipments for disaster responses. The department will also formulate a basic safety policy to enforce basic disaster risk prevention and mitigation measures. As such, the department will strive to:
i. Complete on-going rural electrification projects
ii. Connect public facility and domestic households and trading centers to the national grid.
The 2015/16 budget intervention is to cater for the above, i.e. Purchase of equipments for disaster management owing to the fact that the County has two entries of exit to the great lakes. The continued opening of roads and will need regular maintenance if they have to offer the required services.
To undertake these programmes, the 2015/16- 2017/18 MTEF estimates for the sector are estimated to be Ksh.746, 680,842. For the FY 2015/16, Kshs 236,853,558 has been set aside for the sector. This is projected to increase to KSh248, 696,236, and Kshs. 261,131,048 respectively, for the FY 2016/17 and FY 2017/18

• To provide overall management and central administrative services
• To expand, rehabilitate and maintain the road network
• To improve transport efficiency and safety and prevent accidents in our roads and waters
• To stimulate economic development through reliable electrical supply in rural areas and promote energy conservation and efficiency
• To increase Response to Disasters and Risks

- Works on first 62km link roads (Amukura-Segero-Lugulu-Butula and Nangina-Okado-Mundere). This will ease the transportation of agricultural produce to various major markets in the County.
- Work is ongoing on a number of other roads and foot bridges across the county
- Various members of the staff have been trained on maters related to the public service. This is expected to assist them in executing their duties factoring in the basic principles of the public service.
- The County has adopted symbols and has now commenced on intensive branding to market Busia County as a gateway to East and Central Africa.
- The process of establishing a county media station is ongoing.

- Supply of road construction materials and, road equipments & machinery for hire
- Periodic maintenance of existing roads
- Consultancy services in provision of new innovative knowledge that can increase road life span
- Upgrading of existing roads to Bitumen standards through annuity concession model
- Provision of expertise services in designing of the proposed bridge in Funyula sub-county linking Busia County with Uganda
- Establishment of disaster and response units in all the sub-counties and, installation & creation of the related surveillance and response team, respectively
- Manufacture and supply of disaster management equipments and accessories
- Establishment of renewable energy facilities (solar, wind e.t.c.) for energy supply to the central grid
- Alternative credit financing for rural electrification
- Supply of decent and resilient public and road transport vehicles
- Development, operation and maintenance of a modern bus park terminus
- Development of public service vehicle inspection, maintenance and stations
- Establishment & management of a modern airport and attendant air transport and related services
- Establishment of a water transport connectivity system in the county that links up with neighbouring counties in the Lake Victoria catchment region
- Manufacture and supply of ferries/water transport vessels and management of related infrastructure
- Enhancement of quality assurance standards through the establishment of material testing laboratories
- Development and deployment of innovative design technology and materials for green building and greening infrastructure


County Executive Committee Member:

Mr. George Ekirapa

Official Email: george.ekirapa@busiacounty.go.ke

County Chief  Officers:

Prisca I. Omoit

Official Email:omoitprisca@busiacounty.go.ke

Richard Achiambo

Official Email: richard.achiambo@busiacounty.go.ke


  1. Kelvin Wafula Abwao


    I’m a qualified motor valuer and assessor i would love to work for my county of busia in the transport department kindly advice how i can apply and in case of any vacancies?

    Thank you.


  2. im not resident of busia but feel i can help busia achieve something how do i fit in the system

  3. Am a renewable energy specialist with a bachelors degree on the same and wish to undertake an internship programe in Busia county. Kindly advise on how to go about it.

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