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Public Service Management

To be a benchmark for high performing, dynamic and ethical public service


To facilitate a safe environment for an effective and productive work force that guarantees personal growth and sustainable development.

The department developed a number of programmes and projects to be implemented during the FY 2014/2015, for both recurrent and development budgets, which included: the provision of internet access via Wi-Max connectivity, performance Management Development (Service Charters), Automation of Revenue collection, County FM Radio and Television stations, County News Paper, Communication(establishment of the County website, Switch board, and bulky SMS), establishment of Public administration offices and facilitation of public administration services, conduct public participation, branding of the County, staff capacity development, staff audit, deployment and transfers, develop service charters, develop a strategic plan, sensitize staff on performance, appraisal systems, code of regulations, and public officers’ ethics, develop and implement scheme of service, establish public service structures and systems to foster intergovernmental relations, establish record management systems and operation electronically, undertake ISO certification, among others.
Out of the structures highlighted above the department were able to implement to conclusion the following projects;
• Printing and distribution of the monthly newspaper
o Branding is on-going.
• Surveys on County capacity development needs, establishment of TV and FM Radio stations, ICT needs, branding have been done and draft reports submitted for review by the CEC
• Capacity development of the staff in necessary staff needs was started and is on-going
• Various public participation activities have been done on public finance bill, identification of ward centres, formation of health facility committees, prioritization of community projects for implementation in wards (being implemented)
• The County website and functioning County official email addresses of the staff have been established
To realize the above, the department was allocated Ksh. 478,962,113 million; Ksh. 367,713,347 for the recurrent expenditure, and Ksh. 111,248,766 for development.

General Administration and support services
• To increase efficiency and effectiveness in public service delivery
Manpower planning development and utilization
• To attract, develop and maintain qualified and skilled human resources
Information and communication services
• To improve connectivity, information sharing and dissemination, as well as utilization of ICT services

-Enhanced internet & Wi-Fi connectivity
-Installation of the Local Area Network (LAN)
-Development of the County Website and e-mail
-Acquisition and deployment of ICT infrastructure and facilities to enhance institutional capacity and service delivery
-Initiated the process to establish County FM Radio Station and the bulk SMS Application System
-Establishment of the County News Paper
-Prioritize necessary development projects in their ward communities
-Engage County Government in discussions that have brought about harmonization of affordable revenue fees and rates charged on citizens for services offered by the County Government of Busia
-Learnt of the available service opportunities provided by the County Government of Busia, like the County Co-operative Loan Fund, Business Credit Loan Fund, County Bursary Fund Scheme, Tenders, and supply sources for business opportunities. These has resulted in increased socio-economic activities in the County, and the establishment of legal business entities like Co-operatives Societies, limited companies, CBOs, Associations, local credit facilities, amongst others, that has translated into job creation.
-Improved record management skills, promoted working within the legal framework, enhanced high teamwork, and close consultations among the devolved, defunct local authority and newly employed staff in the county working together, and improved communication skills that have reduced conflict among the staff.
-Establishment of the official County emails has fast tracked prompt movement of information between staff members, departmental sections, and departments; and staff responses to official communication is higher than before.

- Development of a County Community Information center to offer information, education, training and access to other services centrally intended to provide free on-site counseling, workshops e.t.c.
- Establishment of both the electronic and Mass Media outlets to inform, educate, dialogue and entertain the residents in the county considering the wider market and huge prospects in advertisement
- Opportunity for provision of communication services e.g. bulk sms, digital radio and TV e-learning centre including the opportunity of partnering and or establishing a private media house
- Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a Wide Area Network to extend connectivity to the sub-counties
- Digitization of the County registry to facilitate processing, storage and transmission of information through digital circuits, equipment and networks to improve business process efficiency, quality & consistency, integrate records with digital systems e.t.c.
- Creation of County Integrated Database/ERP to ensure ease of access and provision of services and vital information
- GIS mapping phase II to map more infrastructure e.g. hospitals, schools e.t.c. within the County
- Establishment of computer system security to help in Risk Mitigation, increase network performance, ensure faster and more pro-active resolution of problems and lower down on costs
- Supply, installation & commissioning of intercom telephony system to enable the transmission of voice, video and images over internet with utmost confidentiality
- Designing of a dynamic County website that will act as a platform for other applications and resources
- Procurement of two high performance computer servers that will act as Database, Web & GIS servers, respectively among other applications
- Acquisition of Bulk SMS Application system to enhance communication within the County with the target stakeholders and the general public at large
- Establishment and promotion of Information and content development including Business Process Out sourcing( BPOs)

The implementation of the projects in the Department continues to experience challenges such as; resource constrain, lacks a legal, institutional and policy framework to operate, delayed opening of the departmental account to facilitate activities as fast as required, low disbursement of funds to the department, affecting project activities along the planned timeframes, delayed procurement processes, lack of requisite knowledge and skills among staff members to be effective, efficient, competent and confident while implementing their tasks and lack of means of transport, office space and equipment, and sufficient facilitation for the Public Administrators to conduct Public Administration services effectively.
Fortunately, part of the recurrent and development funds was disbursed to the department towards the end of January 2015, and opened a bank account in February 2015. These milestones have enabled the Department to facilitate the procurement processes and effect payments to facilitate fast implementation of both the Departmental recurrent and development program activities. Hence, the Department has re-strategized its implementation plan to conclude implementation of her planned programs for this FY 2014/2015, together with payments, by 30th June 2015.
Major Services/Outputs during 2015/2016-2016/2017
The 2014/2015- 2016/17 MTEF will focus on policies and programmes geared towards modernization and automation of all government departments. It will also ensure adequate supply of skilled manpower at all levels through capacity building and other human development strategies


County Executive Committee Member:

Dr Janet Nangili Manyasi.

Professional Qualification:

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration ( Human Resource Management  option) at Kabarak University ,  Masters of Philosophy in Human Resource Management Masters of Business Administration,  Bachelor of Education (Arts) at  Moi University, Diploma in Human Resource Management. She also holds  membership in Institute of Human Resource Management and Kenya Institute of Management.

Part time Lecturer

Masinde  Muliro University of Science and technology  until 2013  where she  coordinated the  department  of Business  between Bungoma and Kakamenga  Campus.

Education background:

Attended   Equator Primary School , Kenya  High School and later  proceeded to Moi University.

Working Experience:

– She previously  served  as the Vice Chair of the Bungoma  County Public Service Board.

-Her position as a coordinator  in MMUST  made her acquire  administrative skills.

-Participated  in appointments of employees  from various cadres

Official Email: janet.manyasi@busiacounty.go.ke

County Chief  Officer:

Clementina Omoto

Official Email: clementina.omoto@busiacounty.go.ke

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