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Community Development, Culture, Youth and Sports


A socially self-driven and empowered community


To mobilize the Busia Community for sustainable social protection, talent nurturing heritage preservation and creating equal opportunities for children, youth women, PWDs older persons and other vulnerable groups for a holistic  growth and development.

Community social development is a pre-requisite to economic development of any county. The county contributes 0.9% to the national poverty. To reduce this the Department implements various empowerment and safety nets programs which are key in breaking the cycle of poverty among the vulnerable –children, youth, women people living with disability , the PLWHIV, and the elderly
In the last financial year, a total of Ksh. 137 million was allocated among the five departments and the two offices of the CEC and the Chief Officer. This amount was half of the Departments expected budgetary needs. The Department however went on to implement various projects that have impacted positively to the sector

• Efficient, Effective and co-ordinated service delivery
• Improved household livelihoods and community capacities in Busia County
• Enhanced youth development, empowerment and participation in Busia County
• Improved sporting and sports management in Busia County
• Improved social security and empowerment of Busia community
• Preserved cultural heritage and wellbeing of Busia community

- The county government has continued to offer social protection for vulnerable groups of people, the older persons, Orphaned and Vulnerable Children through cash transfer programs.
- A trees for jobs program is currently underway to involve the youth in afforestration while at the same time offering them a source of livelihood.
- Grants have been given to a number of Cultural groups to promote culture in the sub counties

- Opportunity for investment in a new state-of-the-art stadium/talent academies
- Supply of materials and expertise to facilitate the building and completion as well as the renovation of the existing cultural centers in the County
- Construction of a community library in each sub-county
- Development of a recreational park, children protection and rehabilitation centers, respectively
- Development of a social hall with modern facilities

Achievements  Per Section

A) County Child Protection Centre (CPC) Ksh. 44 Million
This is one stop shop centre for children service provision. Currently, the services for children are fragmented and scattered in far flung zones. This has led to delayed service and can lead to poor service, for instance defilement cases need urgent response and involves a package of services e.g. PEP, P3 actual treatment counseling, re- integration and documentation.
The CPC completion will address the above challenges since all the stakeholders will be located at one place since it is fashioned on the Huduma Bora Model.
B) The County Child Information Management System(CIMS)-
The Department was supported by Investing in Children and Society (ICS) to develop a digital platform to manage the children cases .The system is web based and safe and interacts with all stake holders who feed data directly from their offices or the field through their mobile phones. This system has reduced cases of corruption in defilement cases, and duplication of beneficiaries in bursary allocations. Response time and feedback has also been enhanced.

A. Trees for jobs Ksh 14 million
The youth were given opportunity to earn a living by selling tree seedlings while at the same time contributing to the tree cover in the county.
B. Youth empowerment centers Ksh.
The centers have been equipped to nurture talent among the youth to enable them earn a decent living.

i. Grants to cultural practitioners Ksh 8million
The Department of Culture gave grants to cultural practitioners to enable them to strengthen their activities since they contribute immensely public health.
ii. Refurbishment of cultural centers Ksh.5M
Refurbishment of cultural centre at Mauko Burumba ward is on-going.
iii. Procurement of land for Kakapel cultural center at Ksh.8million has commenced. The Department Plans to own the land to secure the centers the county’s property. This amount however will need to be appraised upwards.

a) Refurbishment and of rehabilitation centres Ksh.2 million
The Department re-habilitates children with special needs by providing equipment that facilitates movement and self-care. The physical facilities in these centers also need to be configured to enable the beneficiaries to learn easily. Odiado rehabilitation was refurbished and completed at Ksh.2 million.
b) Grants to communities Ksh. 5 million
The Departments gave grants to older people to supplement the national government in assisting them to enhance their resilience in these hard economic times thereby reducing the negative effects on county’s GDP.

i. Renovation of Busia Stadium ksh.33million
The renovation is meant to upgrade the facility to enable it to raise revenue and provide opportunity to citizens to lead healthier lives.
ii. Renovation of Lunyofu Stadium in Bunyala Ksh 5million
The renovation is complete and the citizens are utilizing it.
The departments were not fully implemented due to lean budgetary allocation. The department has petitioned both Department of Finance and Economic Planning and County assembly to consider increasing allocation to the department. The department is also Understaffed where all the five sections are under staffed ,with culture and sports sections having only one officer each in the whole county.

During this programme period the department’s priority will be put in strengthening safety net programmes within the affirmative action framework to break the chronic poverty cycle. This will be done through: government procurement opportunities for the youth; withdrawal and re-integration of street children; support of people living with disabilities; nurturing of sport talent and promoting cultural tourism.
To undertake these programmes, the 2015/16- 2017/18 MTEF estimates for the sector are estimated to be Ksh.596, 685,847. For the FY 2015/16, Ksh. 189,273,861 has been set aside for the department where Ksh.41, 949, 241 for Compensation of employees, Ksh. 20, 874,620 for Operation and Maintenance and Ksh. 126,350,000 for Development. This is projected to increase to KSh198, 737,554, and Kshs. 208,674,432 respectively, for the FY 2016/17 and FY 2017/18.

Leadership Contacts

County Executive Committee Member:

Hon. Benard Yaite

Official Email: benard.yaite@busiacounty.go.ke

County Chief  Officer:

Moses Weunda

Official Email: moses.weunda@busiacounty.go.ke

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