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Finance and I.C.T


“A Prosperous County Committed to Prudent Financial Management and Economic Planning”.


“To provide high quality financial, economic and advisory services through efficient and effective fiscal planning, resource mobilization, budget administration,  coordination, formulation and implementation of policies and programs for accelerated, equitable and sustainable development for the citizens of Busia County”.

The department of Finance and Economic Planning is responsible for the County’s financial, fiscal and economic planning. From its establishment to date, the Department has witnessed commendable functioning while remaining focused on providing high quality financial, economic, and advisory services to its customers. With such functioning, the department was allocated Ksh. 1,470,289,855; Ksh. 394,166,858 for administrative and Ksh. 1,076,122,997 for financial management has equally faced enormous challenges due to changes in its operating environment including not meeting revenue targets, slow uptake of funds by departments and periodic delays of funds from national government.

Continued success necessitated adoption of strategic management. To spur our local economy, the department shall create a business climate that encourages innovation, investment and growth. Further, the department shall seal all leakages in revenue collection while at the same time extend county’s revenue sources while ensuring efficiency in budget expenditure.
In addition, the department focus will be all encompassing, taking care of the poor and vulnerable, the youth and women as well as businesses and investments.
The department will continue to play its facilitative role more effectively by improving the enabling business environment in a bid to attract private sector to participation in the county.
In the financial year 2015/2016 the department has been allocated Ksh.1, 077,180,925; Ksh. 169,346,963 for Employee compensation, Ksh. 242,533,962 for Operation and Maintenance and Ksh. 665,300,000 for Development.

• Improve Efficiency in co-ordination of service delivery to county departments
• To formulate and co-ordinate the implementation of policies and programmes relating to mobilization, allocation and management of public resources
• To establish comprehensive, integrated, accurate and timely information that support policy formulation for the county.

- Investment policy in the county
 -Budget co-ordination and control
-Bilateral and Multilateral Development and financing
-County Revenue, expenditure and Borrowing
-MTEF and Budget monitoring
-County Dept Management
-Accounting services
-Custodian of county Assets
-Divestiture of public Enterprises
-Public, private partnership.

- The Budget of Busia County was considered the best county budget in the country; this has seen an increase in the number of partners that are ready and willing to partner with the government.
- The completion of a County Integrated Development Plan that articulates the develoopment agenda of the County has highlighted the county’s flagship projects. The projects have begun in various dockets.
- A lot of training has been done for staff on financial management issues most notably program based budgeting for various heads of departments.


County Executive Committee Member:


Hon. Leonard Wanda Obimbira

Official Email: hon.obimbira@busiacounty.go.ke

County Chief  Officer:

  Allan E. Omachar

Official Email: allan.omachar@busiacounty.go.ke


  1. A good start for web. The current GIS Data on the web is too general. GIS is not restricted to maps alone and more broad perspective should be adopted to enable the county increase effeciency by cutting budgets, save money and costs. I email you a proposal although I am forwarding one by mail

    • Whoever downloaded and edited this website is a total joker!! Links dont reffer someone where they are supposed to. Honestly you failed on this website.

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