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Water,Environment, Forestry And Natural Resourses


A clean, secure, and sustainable environment


To promote, conserve and protect the environment and improve access to water for sustainable development.

The Department of Water, Environment and Natural Resources is mandated to ensure that the people of Busia County are provided with desired service levels in water provision under secure and sustainable environment. As this is being implemented, the Department will look beyond pure infrastructure investment requirements and introduce interventions for ensuring that the infrastructure addresses challenges of professional service delivery, sustainable operation and maintenance, adequate access to services and protected water catchment zones that include the many river sources, both permanent and seasonal, and wetlands that run across the county and need protection and rehabilitation. The vegetation cover will increase to levels that will influence environmental changes and have direct impact on climate change and quality of water.
Solid and liquid waste management forms the biggest challenge for the county. Investment requirements are enormous and the department shall partner with relevant partners in ensuring adequate measures are put in place to effectively control town and urban waste collection that also includes our Municipal Sewerage and Sanitation.
The financial year 2014/15 budget focused on completion of projects initiated in 2013/14 which included drilling of 35 ward boreholes, Solar installations on the 35 boreholes, Implementation of flagship projects; ( Madende water project, Nasira water project, Sirira water project, Busia hills Sisenye, Malaba Kocholia water project, Onana Siwongo water project, Amukura Chakol water project), repair of 116 existing non-functional water systems , set up of 3 county tree nurseries, rehabilitation of hill tops ( Amukura, Samia hills)
To undertake the above programmes, the department was allocated Ksh 419,276,210 comprising of Ksh 72,861,790 for recurrent and Ksh. 346,414,420 for development.
In implementing 2014/2015 budget, a number of constraints and challenges were experienced; lengthy procurement process, slow disbursement/Flow of funds and understaffing within the procurement department. However, office of the County Secretary is in the process of restructuring the public service to ensure that the county staffs are appropriately placed in terms of their skills and competencies. The Department of Finance is also in the process of setting up IFMIS at departmental level at the same time undertaking trainings in order to build capacity of staff on the accounting system.
In the financial year 2015/2016 Ksh. 256,789,656 has been set aside for the department. This will enable it to upscale operations by ensuring equity in access to water and sewerage services, improving on service delivery (performance management), capacity development, reduce solid waste build up by 20% (modernize and improve Alupe dump fill), embark on tree growing and not tree planting and conservation of catchments and river banks with bamboo growing. 2015/16- 2017/18 MTEF estimates for the sector is projected to be Ksh. 809, 529,39

General Administration and support services
• To improve on Policy Formulation and General Stewardship
Water Supply and Sewerage Services
• To increase accessibility to safe and clean water
Environment Management and Protection
• To establish sustainable solid waste management systems while creating awareness on environmental protection

- Rehabilitation of Osieko pumping station and Mundika borehole which had stalled for 3 years after breakdown. 11 others have been identified for rehabilitation.
- The launch of the 1 Million tree planting campaign is aimed at incresing the forest cover in the county. So far 11,000 tree seedlings have been planted.
Because of the unique and innovative efforts of the ministry, Busia County was identified to host the world wetlands day in Matayos Sub-County.
- The Ministry is currently establishing a county water company to make the delivery of water services more efficient.

- Supply of piped water
- Investment in identified varied flagship water supply schemes through PPP
- Opportunity for partnership in provision of solid waste management services in Malaba and Busia urban centers through development of a modern sewerage facility, storm water drainage and a water facility to serve 200,000 and 400,000 people, respectively
- Waste recycling in Busia and Malaba towns
- Opportunity for sand harvesting and large scale production of ballast as well as provision of modern technology for harvesting
- Availability of raw materials such as timber (bamboo) and non-timber forest products
- Reclamation of 2000 acres of the Yala swamp through gravitational irrigation using River Nzoia for a commercial rice irrigation scheme
- Mineral prospecting for iron ore, lime, granites and gold
- The potential for cement manufacturing in Malaba area

County Executive Committee Member:


CEC Water & Environment Dr Isaac Alukwe

Official Email: isaac.alukwe@busiacounty.go.ke

County Chief  Officer:

Official Email: moses.weunda@busiacounty.go.ke



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  1. To the water department, In Nambale sub-county (centre area), there has been no water for more than three months. This has led to residents having to incur extra costs looking for water as far as Kisoko. This problem has been persistent but it seems nobody is taking it seriously. Kindly address the issue.

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