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Chief Executive Committee members


Hon. Phaustine Barasa

CEC for Health and Sanitation

Hon. John Bwire Mwami

CEC for Education and Vocational Training

Moses Osia Mwanje

Mr Moses Osia Mwanje

CEC for Agriculture and Animal Resources




Benard Krade Yaite

CEC for Community Development, Sports,
Culture and Social Services.


Mr. George Ekirapa

CEC for Public Works, Transport and Disaster Management


Dr. Janet Manyasi

CEC for Public Service Management

Dr. Isaac Alukwe

CEC for Water, Environment and Natural Resources

Prof. Grephas Opata

CEC for Lands, Housing and Urban Development

Lenard Obimbira CEC for Finance and Economic Planning

Lenard Obimbira

CEC for Finance and Economic Planning

Mrs. Judith Awino Maketso

CEC for Trade, Cooperatives, Tourism and Industry


  1. please update the list of C.E.C’s to reflect the current posts

  2. Cyprian Omoding

    Thanks very much for the good work.

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