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OjamongBusia Governor H.E  Sospeter Odeke Ojaamong was born in 1963 at Otimong
village, Teso South Sub County. He attended Kwang’amor Primary School
between 1972 and 1978 and later proceeded to St. Paul’s Amukura High
School for both “O” and “A” levels.
He graduated from Kenyatta University with Bachelor of Education
(Science) degree in Biology and Chemistry. Ojaamong is also the holder
of Diploma in Business Management from Kenya Institute of Management.
He kick-started  his career by venturing into teaching as an untrained
teacher at Obucuun Primary School before joining Kenyatta University
for his degree programme.After graduation with BED (Science) honours, Ojaamong was posted to Moding Secondary School where he taught between 1990 and 1992. Owing to his hard work, he was promoted to position of Deputy Principal. He resigned in the same year to join politics where he made his debut forcthe Amagoro parliamentary seat during the first multi-party electionscin 1992.Ojaamong failed to make it to the August House on his debut, forcing him to travel to Nairobi in search of job opportunity.  He secured an opportunity with a city law firm where he discharged his duties as an administrator between 1993 and 1994.A key associate of former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga,

H.E the Governor Sospeter Ojaamong became his personal assistant between 1994 and 2002. He returned home in 2002 to try his luck again for the Amagoro parliamentary seat and captured the seat from Albert A.A. Ekirapa.He successfully defended the seat in 2007 general elections. During his stint as MP he was appointed an assistant minister for Labour in the Grand Coalition Government.
Governor Ojaamong also holds a post graduate diploma in Business Management from the Kenya Institute of Management.He is married with family. Being born  from a famous  family which embraced politics ,Ojaamong
decided to  chase his  political ambition  and the good will of his late father Ojamaa Ojaamong who died in a road  accident in  1974 after only serving as Amagoro MP  for three months, Ojaamong become famous in the area and his star rose.Having not succeeded in his first debut in politics, Ojaamong later worked in a city law firm as an Administrator between 1993 and 1994. Because of their long held association and friendship, as well as the
trust cultivated over time, Ojaamong was in 1994 requested by the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to serve as his personal assistant a position he held for eight years until 2002. In 2008 he was appointed an Assistant Minister for Labour in the Grand Coalition Government.
His achievements range from Social economic development to political improvements. He masterminded the creation of Teso South and Teso North District and later lobbied for the peacefully and successful
creation of Teso South and Teso North Constituencies respectively. Ojaamong also held various positions in  political parties in the country including  NDP and KANU to confirm his long experience in politics which spans two dacades.


  1. Your Excellency i have seen tarmarc roads in lodwar and kakamega but i dont seem to updated about the projects being undertaken in our county apart from the ECD classes and rural roads.Kindly use this forum(website) to update us on what the our county is doing for us.God bless you.

    Sirma okaro
    Butula constituency

  2. H.E governor Sospeter Ojamong, i am glad for your good work. Busia county has moved a step forward in terms of development. I am praying hard that God grand you power to rule with excellence. I also request if you can offer me a field attatchment in the faculty of communication and public relations. I am an undergraduate in moi university main campus. My contact: 0706841068

    • Doreen ekisa odera

      H.E the govonor i have felt that for avery long time you have forgoten Teso north.the delegates you meet at laventes,do not reflect the feel on the ground.the people only select there friends and families.my advice visit the social services office get the list of registered groups,engage the officials direct you will make it.all the best but remember think about it.words from a political scientist.


    Your Excellency, you are doing a good job for our county. Kindly request an appointment with you. My mobile is 0723088481. God bless you

  4. your excellency am a resident from nambale sub county-buyofu location-madibo.i graduate last year with a diploma ni business management .am seeking an employement.am jobless for all this time plz give me ajob

  5. you advised the applicants to check on the websites over the interview dates yet they same has not been uploaded. kindly do that

  6. You are HE the Governor of Busia Honorable Sospeter Edeke Ojaamong, working hard determined young and strong. May you live long to and enjoy fruit of your labor for Busia people.

    Climate Management is an international company based in Germany with field office in Zambia.
    It deals with SAVE80 cooking system.
    We have started office in Kenya with the aim to:
    1. Reduce co2 emissions in climate management
    2. Stop tree cutting altogether by introducing a cooking system that does not put demand on tree cutting for charcoal and firewood.
    3. Help and residents use their saved finances (kshs 50 daiy is 1500 in 15 yrs 270,000) on fuel to build permanent houses.
    4. With no tree cutting means much rain which results in food security .
    5. Create at least 1000 jobs per year in our dear county.
    6. Establishment of a local centre for assembling aprefabricatednd distribution of these stainless SAVE80 cooking system.
    7 Reduce demand National electricity energy and avoid these persistence black outs.

    Patened and developed by Germany investors in conjunction with U.N..
    Hundreds of thousands already sold in Chad, Nigeria, Lesotho,Zimbabwe, Zambia Malawi etc.
    It is entirely different from what residents use. You bring food to boiling point then no more fuel is needed.
    We make them available only in large quantities through micro finance, banks,saccos,companies,country government’s but NOT through supermarkets and retail outlets.
    We can arange a free demonstration which could be done within 15 mins.
    I was born in Busia and my sister schooled at Chakol girls so I love Busia.

    Country Representive
    Collins okoth 0717180242.

  7. hello the excellency governor, owing to your Honorable, i the residence of busia county nambale sub-county, graduate with diploma in business administration although tarmacking over the past six years with no job , i wish to request for any clerical vacancy within the county departments,email mosesonyango798@yahoo.com/0725843974.

  8. Am Happy Too, H.N Sospeter Odeke Ojaamong, Please Don’t Forget Us Here In Amagoro Trans Nzioa County. Am Just Congragulate You For Doing Tarff Work Of Fighting Right Of Your People. Elemaa Chut Kok Koree.

  9. please governor we were awaiting for Busia helb loan that we applied which was supposed to be sent to schools,,but up to now I have not seen mine yet I was told to await in school,,we are starting the exams on Tue 29th November,,,2016__yet I have not been given exam card,,because I have an outstanding fees balance of 14,400

  10. wabwile Stephen Aketi

    Iam very delighted about eduction progress and the need to enhance security in the county as i join to support and protect the county and its citizens plus property .

  11. Plz!mr governor ijst beg u kindly help me pay ma school fee iwld like 2 go 2 college bt idnt hav money kindly help me ma no 0719555587

  12. looking for environmental or community development jobs. I have degree in environmental studies community development from kenyatta university

  13. Hello Your Excellency The Governor Sospeter Ojaamong, our County President. My name is Evans Otieno from Nambale Sub-county, Bukhayo Central Location, Makale Village and am a second year student at Egerton University taking Bachelor of Arts, major Economics and Mathematics. Please help me to get a sponsorship since my parent is currently unable to pay for my tuition fees due to lack of resources.
    Thank you in advance.
    Evans Otieno

  14. Judith Alukhaba

    Please advise on telephone contacts for busia county.The one provided on this website belongs to a supermarket

    • H.E the governor of Busia, i am from Teso North, Angurai, Aboloi and i did a Bachelor Degree in urchasing and supplies management and i applied for procurement officer i, ii, iii and as per the qualification, i qualify. I Hereby request for your intervention so that the best candidate have his way (Brian Omuse, 32567808, 0704901366, brianomuse@gmail.com)

  15. H. E please allow me serve the county as a nurse i have applied severally but no response

  16. Am faith Otwani Third year student at moi university main campus taking social work.I would like to undertake my internship at your office as from January 2019. I will work with your team to ensure that communities in busia county are empowered moreso the youth and women

  17. Good Morning H.E Governor Sospeter Ojaamong’,
    Have an issue that has delayed here longer and it’s my prayer that you may be able to intervene and make sure that what’s right is done.I know and am aware of your legacy plans which all must strive to help you and ensure that they are all achieved.
    Did some work for the County in 2016 in Busia and as your voter,i believed in doing what’s right but your excellency after awarded with my certificate of completion in the following year,i have been taken into circles for reasons not very clear to me.
    I have a feeling that somebody is trying to frustrate me and render me useless.I need to be paid for having completed my work.Kindly i need your intervention because the next option av been thinking about now is to seek for a legal redress which was not one of my first options.Looking forward for an appointment to share my frustrations with you.Am tired of being taken into circles.Can be contacted thru 0724565519

  18. H.E Governor Ojaamong,

    Happy New Year 2019.

    Kindly advise your people to update the Busia County Website. Let it be current so that people can get enough or more detailed info.

    How do I go about it if I want to embrace Blue Economy by investing in Fish Cage?

    Thank you and best regards.

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