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County Secretary

The office  of  County Secretary  is a creation of the law and is captured in section 44 of the County Government Act, 2012. The County Secretary  is mandated  inter-alia; to:
(i)    Be the head of the county public service.
(ii)    Be responsible for arranging the business, and keeping the minutes  of the County Executive Committee subject  to the directions of the executive committee.
(iii)    Convey the decisions of the county executive committee to then appropriate persons  and authorities, and
(iv)    Perform any other functions as directed by the county executive committee.
The office of the county secretary has played a central role in ensuring that the key structures required for the realization of a devolved structure of are established. These critical structures
include; the establishment of the county departments, the establishment of the County Public Service Board and the establishment of the offices of Sub County and Ward Administrators.


  1. more efforts required to create working moral in the workers i pray the new cs will take this seriously especially in appraisal of the staff.good luck.

  2. Alot is being done by the county government the only place that seriously needs urgent attention is monitoring and evaluation.we need to establish a team that will go to the ground to check and ascertain that advertised and awarded jobs are done to specification and completion.

  3. I wish to know if the names of the shortlisted ECD teachers have been posted on the website, and if yes how can I view them?

  4. Dear Sir,
    I have gone to the lands office Busia severally for official search but no success. They just say that the files are locked in the governor’s office.
    Is this true? What is the way forward?

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