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Photo: Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong (centre), Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi (second left) and county and World Bank officials in Busia on Thursday.

World Bank, Busia Governor agree on conditions for Sh553m conditional grant

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong and the World Bank have agreed on the conditions to be observed during the utilization of the Sh553million Level II Funding on various development projects.

Speaking in Busia after a meeting with Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong and Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi, the World Bank consultant Mary Amuyunzu- Nyamongo said they have agreed with the county leadership on the need to observe environmental and social safety during the utilization of the funds for intended projects.

‘’ We came to support the county in ensuring that they are well prepared to implement the grants by paying attention to social and environmental risk management,’’ she said, adding that they also came to Busia to acknowledge the fact that the county did very to take top position and the Governor for becoming the inaugural winner of the Performance for Results Shield.

World Bank consultant Robert Ochieng said they have come to help Busia comply fully with the social and environmental safeguards that are outlined in Kenya national laws.

‘’ As we continue our discussions with county staff, we  shall imply upon them  to ensure that proposed investments   are not undertaken  in environmental sensitive areas like in water bodies, wildlife habitat, natural forests  and also issues of physical cultural resources like graves, worshiping areas, shrines are well respected.

“There will also be need to conduct environmental impact assessment and to institute waste management, noise controls, ‘’ he said, adding that the formation of environmental committees will also be key.

Ochieng  reiterated that Busia county were worthy winners of the Level II funding that saw it benefit from  Sh553million conditional grant  extended to counties through the Kenya Devolution Support Programme.

Among the conditions that also earned the Busia Governor the inaugural Performance for Results (P 4 R) shield was high performance in service delivery, prudent public service management.

Ochieng said they have not received petition from counties calling for relaxation of the rule. What we know is that most counties are working to build their systems to comply with national laws which are passed by Kenyan parliament.

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