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Kenya  National  Blood  Transfusion  Service Busia Satellite Centre
Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service Busia Satellite Centre

Busia Referral Hospital in blood appeal to save lives

Busia  County Referral Hospital has sent a passionate appeal to County residents to donate blood to save  lives of  many patients  in need of blood transfusion at the  health institutions across the County.

Kenya  National  Blood  Transfusion  Service Busia Satellite manager  David Bulimu  said the centre has currently only 12 pints of blood  which is still under process before  it can be used.

Addressing the press at the  Transfusion Centre  on Tuesday, Bulimu said  Kakamega, Kisumu, Bungoma and Eldoret which used to bail them out during emergencies  have also run out of blood.

” This leaves us in a precarious position  with our hopes now lying on good Samaritans to  visit our facility from today (Wednesday)  onwards  to donate blood  and  help save  lives of patients whose lives hangs in the balance.

We have been forced to transfer 17 patients  to other hospitals outside the county  who needed blood transfusion. We still receive many other  patients especially  those who suffer from   anemia, sickle cell, accident victims and  mothers who develop complications during delivery,” he said.

Flanked by  the hospital administrator Eric Wamalwa, Bulimu said  those who  are eligible to donate blood  are  aged between 16 and 60 years, adding that the centre faces  numerous challenges  of blood scarcity during holidays when students are on holiday.

During the Westgate  Shopping Mall attack   in Nairobi in September, 2013, Kenyans flocked in various hospitals to donate blood following the National Government appeal. It was overwhelming on our facility until we turned others away.  We need such response to rescue lives of people facing imminent death,” Bulimu said.

He said  the Blood satellite  centre   has a customer care Desk  where those willing to donate blood  are  served with  sodas, milk and  biscuits.  Busia journalists have offered to donate blood on Friday



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