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Ojaamong rules out Uhuruto involvement in EACC raid as he makes grand return

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong has  ruled out any  involvement of
President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto in the Ethics and
Anti-Corruption raid in his Busia office and Busia and Nairobi
Speaking when he made triumphant return since last Friday raid,
Ojaamong blamed his woos on some people within the county whom he
declined to name until  a later date.
” The President and his deputy are not involved in pushing for EACC to
come and investigate me. It is my own people who planned the
When President Uhuru  released the list of shame I was not among those
named. The Auditor General and the Senate gave us a clean bill of
health. I have been an MP for 10 years and at no time was I involved
in corrupt practices,” he said.
Ojaamong said witch-hunt which will not take us anywhere was also
orchestrated to imply him as corrupt. I will not relent on these
machinations,” he said.
He complained bitterly of  the raid that was done  by the EACC
investigators who took away the IFMIS  machines, thus paralyzing
payment operations in the county.
The  Governor  said  he was not happy  with the way  the EACC
conducted its work at his offices and his residences both in Busia and
Nairobi, saying that the officers intimidated and harassed his family
in their course of duty.
Ojaamong  called upon the EACC to speed up the investigation process
and return the IFMIS system computers among other documents the
investigators took from last week’s raid within his office.
All  our services are paralyzed by the national government. This is
sabotage to devolution,” he said. “Currently we have  Sh600m  we
received from the National Government, but we cannot effect payments.
Speaking before  a mammoth crowd outside the  county offices, Ojaamong
said the EACC officers were acting on claims that he bought a Sh5m
house in Nairobi and that he was practicing money laundering which he
has never done in his life.
Ojaamong laughed it off  as cheap politics by his competitors as he
can afford a house worth that  from his own earnings even through
normal loan  having been an MP for 10 years.
The governor also refuted claims that he is corrupt and owns Mortgages
and Hotels in Uganda and South Africa as it was earlier said, adding
that he has been in the government for long and the money he has been
spending is his duly earned salary.
Ojaamong  also insisted that his development  track record speaks for
itself. ” Seven factories are coming up  in the county, adding that as
a county boss he had maintained a peaceful working relationship
focused on development.
The Governor  warned that in future Busia County will push for  its
economic independence in the share of up to 30 per cent of Sh2b local
revenue remitted to the national government every month.
Ojaamong who addressed wananchi at Kisumu airport, Bumala and Matayos
trading centres assured them he will get over his tribulations. he
said  he has hired lawyers to represent him in the ongoing case to
allow the County operate as it was before.
Photos: Busia Governor, Sospeter Ojaamong addressing wananchi outside
the county government offices today when he returned since the EACC
raided  his office and residence last Friday.

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